Tim Peters wrote:

[Max M]

Or perhaps an automated nightly Windows build.

[Stephan Richter]

We have talked about it many times before, but simply lack the
bandwidth. Maybe you could provide this for Cygwin?

[Max M]

Argh ... that wasn't fair.

Ok I will try and find some time to look into it.

A problem is that every platform has its own unique bag of miserable quirks.

Well, yeah. I installed cygwin and all the devolpment tools. About 800 Megs. I could have sorted it, but I wouldn't risk missing libraries, tools etc. and harddisk is cheap.

Python compiled fine, both with and without "./configure --with-threads" Z3 also compiled without a hickup.

But when I tried to go to "http://localhost:8080"; or "http://localhost:8080/manage"; I just got a "A system error occurred." message, and a the following log entry:

2004-04-22T08:47:13 ERROR root PageTemplateFile: Error in template: Compilation failed
exceptions.SyntaxError: invalid syntax (<string>, line 1)

Which is sort of non-helpfull.

Maybe this is (still) relevant to building Zope under Cygwin, maybe not:

I didn't need to do all of that to get it build.

What exactly is needed?  I routinely compile Zope2 and Zope3 HEAD on
Windows, using MSVC 6.  I can't make time to set up a fancy snapshot
procedure, but if all people want is (e.g.) a zip file containing the .pyd
files, uploading those once a week wouldn't be a significant time sink.

AS far as I can see that should be enough. If the compiled files, in their directory structure, could just be dropped on top of the python structure from cvs/subversion I expect that would be enough?

As far as I can see from a quick manual scan of the directory structure that's how the code is structured now?

The compiled files are not under version control, and so would not be overwritten by updating from cvs/subversion.

regards Max M

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