On Wednesday 12 February 2003 19:15, Jean-Michel Dault wrote:
> Le mer 12/02/2003 à 14:31, Warly a écrit :
> > A first web page should points all the available document, and I should
> > definitely consider updating the Mandrake Linux policy and guidelines.
> >
> > Regarding development and tasks, I though that some tweaks on bugzilla
> > could make it used as a task manager.
> Bugzilla is so painfully slow it's unuseable.
> - There are *way* too many packages, and it causes a *huge* delay in
> displaying the pages.
> - Also, every bug report is CC'ed on Cooker, to the bugs list and to the
> maintainer. This makes it hard to filter the bugreports to concentrate
> on one area.
> - Finally, it uses https:// so everything is encrypted, and adds to the
> slowness if the site.
Yes , using modem or isdn makes it even slower. 

> I would recommend using a Wiki, just like the one we have for internal
> engineering. It's easy to install, manage, and very low on resources.
> What's more, anyone can create a topic and link it to a project page.
I vote for this. maintaining the informations should be easier with it. 

> I would also like to have several groups:
> - Server group (apache, php, samba, mail)
> - Office application group (for example, why is the calculator missing
> in default install? Why isn't the menu anti-aliased in OOffice, etc)
> - Hardware and Driver group (so people can discuss i845 issues, etc. I
> would place XFree there also, since most problems are drivers)
> - Multimedia group (arts/esd/jackd, XawTV/Zapping, xmms, etc)
> - KDE group
> - Gnome group
> - Desktop application group (anything else not KDE/Gnome/Office related)
> - Drak tools, including installer.
> - Core group, where we could talk about RPM-Howto, glibc, initscripts,
> etc.
> Each group could have a separate mailing list. This way, I wouldn't have
> 30,000 e-mails in one folder. It would be much easier to find stuff we
> have to handle (in my case apache/php) from stuff I don't really care
> about (I don't use gnome, except to test during the beta/rc release).
> What do you think?

I can't speak for others, but after reading the thread exactly this way would 
be very good. Bugzilla maybe could have different groups and the bugreports 
can go then to the right mailinglist. That would make bugzilla faster then 
too. A search field could help to identify the group (example: kmail => 
network or kde) to avoid difficulties with that.

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