> >
> > The two, I think.
> > A bug can be a KDE bug, or it can be a mail related bug.
> > But, to cross post he bug will generate noise on one of the two list
> I really don't see how a bug in anything but a server (in which case the
> group is known) would affect both mutt and kmail, unless it was a
> configuration issue ... and I wouldn't see people who run apps like
> fetchmail, amavis and mutt would want to see posts about a broken kde
> address book (or similar).

Well, you see the problem.

But, if we put all bug in a single list, there will be too much noise.
If we each kmail bug in a KDE list, some bugs affecting mail will be missed.
And, the same applies for forwarding all to Mail list.

A bug between amavis and kmail, with kmail error, should go where ?

But, if it's a amavis problem  ?

And if we don't know ?

So, cross posting is not perfect, but , it reduces the bug misses to zero, and 
the noise to a minimum.

People posting bugs should decide to which list it is forwarded, if they are 
able to choose well, of course. This is a first improvement, no ?

> I think all but nc could go under monitoring, 
nc can go anywhere, since I use it for file transfert and for chat on the lan 

> Of course, Mandrake only claims to be compatible with Redhat, not with
> Debian ...

If compatibility means that they use the same 3 letter for their package 
extension, yes, they are compatible....


MichaŽl Scherer

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