On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Michael Scherer wrote:

> > > So, what should be the name pf the group talking of kmail ?
> > > Networking-Mail or Graphical_desktop-KDE ?
> >
> > Does it belong with mutt or with knode and lisa etc?
> The two, I think.
> A bug can be a KDE bug, or it can be a mail related bug.
> But, to cross post he bug will generate noise on one of the two list

I really don't see how a bug in anything but a server (in which case the
group is known) would affect both mutt and kmail, unless it was a
configuration issue ... and I wouldn't see people who run apps like
fetchmail, amavis and mutt would want to see posts about a broken kde
address book (or similar).

> > > And what about interest groups like 'Authentication' , or 'Ergonomics' ?
> >
> > Yes, there is too much under system/libraries (seems most pam and nss
> > modules are).
> And, some categorie, such as Security, should be added, IMHO.
> To give a example, nc and snort are in Networking/Other. john, nmap and hping
> are in Monitoring.
> john is not a network app, but this is not a monitoring app, I think.

I think all but nc could go under monitoring, but yes, new categories are
probably needed, but now is not the time ;-).
> I don't want to revive the troll, but, we should take a look to Debian
> classification, or maybe freshmeat 's one.

Of course, Mandrake only claims to be compatible with Redhat, not with
Debian ...


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