I find the discussions and working on TomEE have become tedious, contentious, unrewarding and fruitless in order to continue working on the project in my free time. That'd be why I've not contributed recently, but not speaking for others of course. I wasn't actually trying to start any implementations there, rather integration modules (I'd started to test geronimo config for example). And yes, I guess I avoided the conversation at my own fault. It'll not happen again, I'm done with it. So please feel free to carry on. Me personally, I only get annoyed when something gets trashed. Nothing was done in any Tomitribe capacity this evening, but those accusations are pretty commonplace now. I would point the 'killing' and 'ownership' finger in another direction. I see efforts have obviously been directed away from TomEE to the benefit of other projects and detriment of TomEE, and you know I'm not talking about geronimo. Anyways, no problem. Not going to get stressed about it. Have fun.


On 12/02/18 21:44, Mark Struberg wrote:
Well, let's be a bit more specific.
No, Geronimo of course does not have have a monopoly on creating microprofile 
implementations at the ASF. Nor does TomEE.
Geronimo a good place for reusable JavaEE parts though. And G started to 
implement Microprofile specifications 2 years ago already. There is already 
quite a lot in existence over there. You really should take a look over the 

Instead of duplicating the work which is already done I would prefer if some 
folks would help with more important tasks. E.g. finally finishing TomEE8. 
Romain and I have so far been the ONLY ones working on that effort for the 
whole last year.
b.) > I understand it is not the most convenient for tomitribe which probably
perfers to own the full project(s) Tomitribe itself does not own TomEE nor 
created it, etc.The actual core part of TomEE (OpenEJB) is acually only a 
fraction of what the whole project is.It's an excellent aggregator project. But 
if you count in all the other parts which were needed to create TomEE7 and 8, 
then the whole sum is about 20 times the size of openejb: tomcat, openwebbeans, 
bval, johnzon, geronimo-tx, geronimo-javamail, geronimo-specs, cxf, activemq, 
openjpa, MyFaces, etc etc Each of those projects has at

c.) There have been a lot of talks about moving the reusable parts of Geronimo 
under the umbrella of the TomEE project. That would be perfectly fine. But I 
iterate it once again. There are 2 tasks to do before we can go on:
1.) TomEE needs to become an umbrella project2.) the name of the reusable 
components must be clearly separated from the TomEE Application 
Server.Otherwise TomEE will hit the same problems like Geronimo and MyFaces had 
- that people would not identify those components as being totally independent 
of the TomEE application server and separately usable.


     On Monday, 12 February 2018, 21:20:57 CET, Romain Manni-Bucau 
<rmannibu...@gmail.com> wrote:
No Andy, as mentionned in the discussion Geronimo hosts the microprofile
@asf. This is why jwt should probably be done in geronimo which is the asf
ee related project umbrella.

I understand it is not the most convenient for tomitribe which probably
perfers to own the full project(s) but as a foundation member I d really
like to not let company details pollute projects.

Also the discussion made clear to not do it in current repo whatever
project is used as umbrella so we should revert that and finish the
discussion before any action to not kill tomee project by a hard company
driven management making it no more in the OSS spirit.

Le 12 févr. 2018 21:14, "Andy Gumbrecht" <agumbre...@tomitribe.com> a
écrit :

"Parts of the components skeletons you just created"

They're just logically named empty modules for pending work?

On 12/02/18 20:42, Mark Struberg wrote:

And what's that for?

Is there any behind the scene stuff going on at Tomitribe or can we
finally get back to discussing such things on the Apache lists?

Before we go on I'd would first finish the discussion how we want to turn
TomEE into an umbrella project or how the structure would be. And
whether/how we want to integrate the modular Geronimo parts into one
project or not.

Parts of the components skeletons you just created do already exist at
the ASF.


On Monday, 12 February 2018, 20:22:53 CET, Andy Gumbrecht <
agumbre...@tomitribe.com> wrote:

Added project stubs:


On 05/02/18 11:17, Jean-Louis Monteiro wrote:

Ok thanks guys.
@Rudy, you are most welcome :)

Jean-Louis Monteiro

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 11:39 AM, Rudy De Busscher <
rdebussc...@gmail.com <mailto:rdebussc...@gmail.com>>

I think it is a very important spec, also for non-microprofile
implementations as it can enhance the interoperability of all servers.

I'm also very interested in the implementation (and want to help a bit
it also :) )


On 2 February 2018 at 11:23, Mark Struberg <strub...@yahoo.de.invalid

To clarify this even further:
The Geronimo Server is now officially dead.
But the Geronimo project is not. It alredy contains quite a few
parts which are reused in many ASF projects and also outside.
Examples is the geronimo-transaction-manager, geronimo-javamail,
geronimo-config, xbean-finder, etc

Of course it would probably make sense to fold those 2 projects
as already discussed in the past.
I'm still all open to it, but I have an important criterium to fulfil:
If we move those portable parts to TomEE, then this would mean that
would become an 'Umbrella project'.
And further that we would need a new name for those portable parts.
They would effectively be mainatained by the TomEE community (which
has a
big overlap with Geronimo anyway) but those parts must clearly be
recognized separately from TomEE.

Otherwise people will assume that those parts only work within TomEE -
where in reality they would even work on WildFly or Liberty, etc. or
even a
naked Tomcat.
Got me?

We might e.g. brand them as 'TomEE Geronimo Spare Parts Department' :)


PS: I'd also love to keep the org.apache.geronimo package name to ease
backward compatibility.

Am 02.02.2018 um 11:08 schrieb Romain Manni-Bucau <
rmannibu...@gmail.com <mailto:rmannibu...@gmail.com>

2018-02-02 11:05 GMT+01:00 Otávio Gonçalves de Santana <
osant...@tomitribe.com <mailto:osant...@tomitribe.com>>:

Guys, I have a question:

Why not a project to each implementation?

this is the case but geronimo is used as an umbrella project.

This way I can use just a specific if I want also.

exactly the goal and user usage AFAIK ;)

long story short: we learnt from the past errors and since always the
people work on these projects it is better to not split it accross N
communities since
it leads to a lot of efforts for these people. Having a single
project with N subprojects reduces the administrative work etc and
the projects productivity.

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 7:44 AM, Romain Manni-Bucau <
rmannibu...@gmail.com <mailto:rmannibu...@gmail.com>>

Hi JL,

Microprofile apache effort is hosted in geronimo and John already
about it I think. Would probably saner to keep it all at the same
the foundation.

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2018-02-02 9:39 GMT+01:00 Jean-Louis Monteiro <
jlmonte...@tomitribe.com <mailto:jlmonte...@tomitribe.com>

Hi all,

I was wondering if we could have the Microprofile JWT implemented
What do you think?

I was reading the spec and I'd like to contribute that in.


Jean-Louis Monteiro

Andy Gumbrecht




Andy Gumbrecht


Andy Gumbrecht


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