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>> Hi,
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>>>> Hi Caty,
>>>> I see in the screenshot that it says “The default logo can be overridden
>>>> (typo in your text btw ;)) by Color Themes or at wiki or page level”.
>>>> Several questions:
>>>> * What does it mean “at wiki or page level”? How do you do that? Using a
>>>> custom skin? Using a color theme?
>>>> * Does it mean this is adding yet another way of defining the logo,
>> which
>>>> means that we would the ability to set it in the new admin UI, in skins
>> &
>>>> in color themes? Isn’t that too much?
>>>> * What does it mean in practice when you set it in the admin UI, i.e.
>>>> where is it materialized?
>>> Well these are the questions we need to answer from a development point
>> of
>>> view.
>>> In theory it would be nice to be able to change the Skin logo using this
>>> control. Somehow create a shortcut between this default logo and the skin
>>> logo, or change the base skin logo from the filesystem. This way the
>> Color
>>> Themes will display the logo. Other ideas are welcomed.
>>> The description is technical I know, still there are so many ways in
>> XWiki
>>> to change to logo and override it, that a warning is welcomed.
>> Right now, I disagree with this proposal (I’d vote -1 if it were a vote)
>> since it doesn’t currently address what happens to the other ways of
>> changing the logo and it adds yet another way on top of the existing ones,
>> making the situation even more complex…
>> So for me we need to:
>> 1) Rationalize the change of logo better in the proposal and explain what
>> happens to the other places and explain in the proposal why the user would
>> use one or the other of the ways. Do some ways get deprecated or not either?
>> 2) Define what it means to change the logo in the proposed new Admin UI.
>> Does it create a new skin? Does it modifies the DefaultSkin page and attach
>> a logo to it? Does it modifies the currently selected Color Theme and adds
>> a logo to it? Does it do something else?
> It should change the filesystem logo.png/svg from the base skin OR add an
> attachment to the DefaultSkin' (which version is more easy technically - I
> guess the DefaultSkin attachment).
> Being as the default logo for the DefaultSkin, this means it can be
> inherited / overridden by the Color Themes.

See my previous reply about this.

So I now understand that your idea would be:

Default system logo (Admin UI)
  |_ Skin logo (Skin)
    |_ Color Theme logo (CT) for the wiki
      |_ Space Skin logo (Skin)
        |_ Space Color Theme logo

In words: if the current space has a CT defined and if that CT has a logo 
defined then use it, otherwise, if the current space has a skin defined and 
that skin has a logo then use it, otherwise, if the current wiki has a color 
theme defined and if it has a logo then use it, otherwise, if the current wiki 
has a skin defined and it has a logo then use it, otherwise, if the default 
system logo is defined use it, otherwise, use a default xwiki logo.

However I don’t see why a Color Theme would inherit from the skin. What’s the 
rationale? What additional use cases does it provide?

See the list of use cases I started in the previous reply. Please add new use 
cases if you see some that I have missed.

Note: The other issue with the above is that we’re missing nested pages.


>> I also need some answers to my questions asked above such as "What does it
>> mean “at wiki or page level”? How do you do that? Using a custom skin?
>> Using a color theme?"
> The wiki/page level mention was because you can have a different Skin/CT
> with a different logo for that level. If you think that is confusing, we
> can rephrase it.
> Thanks,
> Caty
>> Thanks
>> -Vincent
>>> Thanks,
>>> Caty
>>>> Thanks
>>>> -Vincent
>>>>> On 9 Feb 2018, at 14:34, Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) <vali...@gmail.com>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> As some of you know, in January we had another session of usability
>> tests
>>>>> performed. As a result of those tests, I have prioritized [1] some
>> issues
>>>>> that we might want to improve in our next 10.x+ Roadmaps.
>>>>> One of the entries from that list is: "Create a dedicated Logo section
>> in
>>>>> Administration".
>>>>> Although we made some improvements in this area, users still struggle
>> to
>>>>> find the Logo changing area (takes more than 3 minutes). Plus there is
>> a
>>>>> lot of confusion between the Skin and ColorThemes overriding.
>>>>> This is a proposal to explicitly have a Logo section inside the Themes
>>>>> section of Administration
>>>>> http://design.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Proposal/
>>>> IdeaChangeLogo#HSolution1-1
>>>>> Let me know what you think,
>>>>> Caty
>>>>> [1]
>>>>> http://design.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Proposal/Usability/
>>>> Tasks5/Prioritization/

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