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>> Hi,
>>> On 9 Feb 2018, at 15:34, Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) <vali...@gmail.com>
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>>> On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 4:29 PM, Vincent Massol <vinc...@massol.net>
>> wrote:
>>>> Hi Caty,
>>>> I see in the screenshot that it says “The default logo can be overridden
>>>> (typo in your text btw ;)) by Color Themes or at wiki or page level”.
>>>> Several questions:
>>>> * What does it mean “at wiki or page level”? How do you do that? Using a
>>>> custom skin? Using a color theme?
>>>> * Does it mean this is adding yet another way of defining the logo,
>> which
>>>> means that we would the ability to set it in the new admin UI, in skins
>> &
>>>> in color themes? Isn’t that too much?
>>>> * What does it mean in practice when you set it in the admin UI, i.e.
>>>> where is it materialized?
>>> Well these are the questions we need to answer from a development point
>> of
>>> view.
>>> In theory it would be nice to be able to change the Skin logo using this
>>> control. Somehow create a shortcut between this default logo and the skin
>>> logo, or change the base skin logo from the filesystem. This way the
>> Color
>>> Themes will display the logo. Other ideas are welcomed.
>>> The description is technical I know, still there are so many ways in
>> XWiki
>>> to change to logo and override it, that a warning is welcomed.
>> Right now, I disagree with this proposal (I’d vote -1 if it were a vote)
>> since it doesn’t currently address what happens to the other ways of
>> changing the logo and it adds yet another way on top of the existing ones,
>> making the situation even more complex…
>> So for me we need to:
>> 1) Rationalize the change of logo better in the proposal and explain what
>> happens to the other places and explain in the proposal why the user would
>> use one or the other of the ways. Do some ways get deprecated or not either?
>> 2) Define what it means to change the logo in the proposed new Admin UI.
>> Does it create a new skin? Does it modifies the DefaultSkin page and attach
>> a logo to it? Does it modifies the currently selected Color Theme and adds
>> a logo to it? Does it do something else?
> I would add that if this is the *default* logo and each color theme defines
> its own logo (like it happens right now) then changing the logo from this
> section will not have any effect as this logo will be overwritten by the
> logo specified on the color theme.

Ok that’s a good idea but it still leaves some questions open:

A) There will be plenty of places where to define a custom logo. We need to 
list all the use cases that exist and make sure there’s only 1 way for each use 
case as otherwise it’s confusing. It seems oferly complex to me ATM and this 
will make it even more complex.

B) We need to decide technically where a default logo is stored. Perm dir 
somewhere? In a wiki page as an attachment and if so which page? (what are the 
pros and cons of each).

For A) let me try to list use cases:

UC1: I want to define a default logo so that when I create a new wiki, this 
logo is used by default
UC2: I want to be able to define a custom logo for a given subwiki.
UC3: I want to be able to define a custom logo for a page + its children
UC4: I want to be able to define a custom logo for a single page

UC1: Default logo in admin UI
UC2: Unfortunately there are 2 solutions: Set a logo in the wiki skin or set a 
logo in the current wiki color theme. Ideally we should pick one.
UC3: AFAIK it’s not possible. We can set a logo in the space skin or set a logo 
in the space color theme. But we can have a logo that will be used for 
children. In addition there are also 2 solutions same as UC2
UC4: I don’t think it works right now. From a tech POV I think you can add a 
XWikiSkins xobject to a page but then you’ll get the associated sheet 
displayed. I don’t know about Color Theme.

So questions to answer:

* How do we implement UC3?
* How do we implement UC4?
* Should we provide a single way for UC2 instead of 2?
* Do we have a use case for being able to set the logo in the skin that 
couldn’t be done in the color theme (or vice-versa)? Since the skin can 
redefine the full vm templates it will always be able to force a logo but maybe 
we shouldn’t make it a special feature of the skin and deprecate it/hide it. 
The rationale could be that we decide to move the logo feature to the CT.

For B) I think as an attachment would be better (you get the benefits of pages: 
history, rollback, simpler to change, etc).


>> I also need some answers to my questions asked above such as "What does it
>> mean “at wiki or page level”? How do you do that? Using a custom skin?
>> Using a color theme?"
>> Thanks
>> -Vincent
>>> Thanks,
>>> Caty
>>>> Thanks
>>>> -Vincent
>>>>> On 9 Feb 2018, at 14:34, Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) <vali...@gmail.com>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> As some of you know, in January we had another session of usability
>> tests
>>>>> performed. As a result of those tests, I have prioritized [1] some
>> issues
>>>>> that we might want to improve in our next 10.x+ Roadmaps.
>>>>> One of the entries from that list is: "Create a dedicated Logo section
>> in
>>>>> Administration".
>>>>> Although we made some improvements in this area, users still struggle
>> to
>>>>> find the Logo changing area (takes more than 3 minutes). Plus there is
>> a
>>>>> lot of confusion between the Skin and ColorThemes overriding.
>>>>> This is a proposal to explicitly have a Logo section inside the Themes
>>>>> section of Administration
>>>>> http://design.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Proposal/
>>>> IdeaChangeLogo#HSolution1-1
>>>>> Let me know what you think,
>>>>> Caty
>>>>> [1]
>>>>> http://design.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Proposal/Usability/
>>>> Tasks5/Prioritization/

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