That is why it is so infuriating to see the same Tesla S always parked in the 
first EV charging stall at a local hospital,
clearly a member of the staff, never plugged in. And plenty other EVs 
scrambling to get the charging cords stretched
out to the adjacent parking spots when available,  there are 4 L2 charging 
spots and a few other L1 spaces for
opportunity charging, but I see adjacent non-EV charging spaces with EVs in 
them and cords stretched to the max
to reach those spaces, while the S sits there the whole day every day not 
Apparently, that person does not want to get the message, so unless the 
policies are changed and he is towed,
he is going to block the charging spot for everyone....

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It works both ways too.  I often see EV’s or plug in hybrids parked in the EV 
spot with either the charger not plugged or the charger at end of cycle.

As was noted it’s an EV charging spot, not an EV parking spot.  I often don’t 
bother with the EV spot because I don’t need the charge.

Lawrence Harris

> On Dec 13, 2017, at 12:26, brucedp5 via EV <> wrote:
> lly-cause-damage/ ... stuffing party horns in a car’s tailpipe is a 
> lot funnier ...
> No one should cause harm to the ice offender or their property.
> Getting everyone to understand, an EV spot is NOT a parking spot.
> *It is a charging spot.
> There should be EV charging spot signage stating tow-away & fines if 
> non-EVs block the EV charging spot. And there must be a city or campus 
> ordinance to back the signage up. City or campus police then need to 
> be educated by making that ordinance part of their SOP (standard operating 
> procedure).
> Then you can call the police to enforce the ordinance by towing the 
> ice away (the ice offender won't do that again).
>> a bumper sticker that reads "I hate polar bears so much I park in EV
> spaces<
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