On 04/01/2011, at 9:11 PM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

> 3-OM are discrete (assuming mechanism)
> 1-OM does not need to be. The measure bears on the 1-OM, and is related to 
> the measure on all infinite computational histories (including oracles), and 
> this is a set of cardinality 2^aleph_0, and the topology is unknown, but it 
> is more plausible that the set of 1-OM is a non discrete structure, like most 
> possible notion of subjective and physical time.

So the experience of the continuous, the analog experience of time is 
subjective - an 'interpretation' that my mind supplies(?). In fact, "I" don't 
experience 'observer moments' at all. I experience a 'river of time' or a paved 
walkway with a continuous border over which I seem to glide. 

The 3rd person version is where I get to watch 'you' do various discrete things 
(moving your limbs) that I will perhaps agree lead to a similar experience of 
continuity for you. Actually, I only notice 'you' when you tread on each paver. 
You disappear as you move between them. This is because when I 'notice you' - 
the duration of my noticing you (my focussed, conscious attention) forms the 
duration of the 3-OM.

1-OM = analog experience of time

3-OM = digital experience of time

Ca va un peu? Tu me dira...

Kim Jones

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