so you see you are deluding yourself if you think you are apprehending
anything you could call a "whole earth".... there is no such thing you are
apprehending.... nothing but your prejudicial delusion.

You may say it exists "in principal".... but I would go on to ask you how
you know that and how you would prove that... I would also ask you -what-
you know and -what- it is you are asserting exists...... furthermore, I
would remind you that you misapprehend or fail to apprehend this "whole
earth" you postulate as existing 'in principal'.... and that you never
will..... and finally I will say that your "in principle" = your
misapprehension... and that if anything exists outside of that it cannot be
known and consequently nothing ever will be able to rightly be called a
"whole earth"

so this "whole earth" of yours amounts to nothing more then a misconstrued
and superficial phantom of your imagination.

If no whole earth can be known... then the concept makes no sense and has no

On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 1:23 AM, B Soroud <> wrote:

> "What do you believe in then?  I thought it was the phenomenal world, but
> the above sounds like immaterialism or solipsism."
> I am neither a immaterialist nor a solipsist... don't try to conveniently
> label me. I wouldn't call myself a phenomenalist per se..... but if anything
> I highly value the human experience in the aesthetical and existential sense
> as far superior or more valuable and real (to me) relative to all
> cosmological view-points.... i think any totalizing view-point essentially
> kills actual existence.... it snuffs it right out.... obscures it out of
> sight devalues it. We kill the earth, to find nothingness in the heavens.
> (this is debatable, and we can continue debating)
> "For what evidence or reason do you postulate the only universe that exists
> is the one you happen to be in?  Is this not a little chauvinistic?"
> The only thing that matters is my personal experience as a mortal local
> being and the value I derive from it.... not some far off speculative
> pseudo-conception or mind-game.... mind-games are cool, I just don't take
> them that seriously... or at least not the particular one you presented.
> "Earth is my delusion?  Please provide some more explanation or
> justification for what you mean by this."
> I mean there is no Earth you are aware of that is absolutely apprehended
> and comprehended in some fixed and objective and ultimate form.... all you
> have is your own puny and distorted idea or point-of-view about something
> unknowable.
> In other words, no one has actually seen the "whole earth".... and no one
> ever will.
> Perhaps Gorgias was in some way right, when he asserted:
>    1. Nothing exists;
>    2. Even if something exists, nothing can be known about it; and
>    3. Even if something can be known about it, knowledge about it can't be
>    communicated to others.
>    4. Even if it can be communicated, there is no incentive to do so.
> I think this is very interesting and not entirely empty.

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