Is metaphysics merely a notion that is the reversal or antithesis of
the world as we know it?

Instead of change: changelesness.

Instead of diversity or multiplicity: unity.

Instead of instability: stability

Instead of of birth and death: immortality.

Instead of complexity: simplicity.

Instead of temporality: permanence, endurance.

Instead of corruptible: incorruptible.

Instead of evil: all good.

Instead of pieces of beauty: supreme beauty.

Instead of determinism, slavery, necessity, need, compulsion: freedom,

Instead of limitation: infinity

Instead of limited and flawed knowing: perfect all-knowing.

Instead of limitation in time/space: omnipresent

Instead of relative impotence: omnipotence

Instead of stained with suffering: all-bliss

Instead of darkness: all light.

etc. etc.

it seems like metaphysics is the opposite of the world as we know it.
Ah, us imaginative and idealistic poor humans!

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