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On Jul 24, 3:32 pm, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> Craig, I agree with 1Z, it is hard to comment some of your statements
> because we don't know what are the assumptions, and what is the
> argument.
> When you invoke the wetness as a criteria for life, you are indeed
> just silicon or number racist.

I don't think that I am. Consciousness that we are familiar with is a
function of our being a living organism, which is a function of being
made of organic molecules which collectively participate in a cellular
community through the use of water. Water may be as much a function of
the potential for animal feeling as oxygen is from the potential of
wood to burn. We just don't know that the material is independent from
the function. You need real oxygen to burn a real log. Simulated fire
doesn't provide warmth.

<WOOHOO> Someone who gets it. 

The way to learn how cognition works... to get a theory of cognition, is
just like we did for fire, flight and light... is to make it
artificially. i.e. REPLICATE. Not emulate. Not simulate. You master the
natural version, make it artificially, then you experiment to find out a
theory of it... not the other way around. It's what we did for flight,
fire and light and who knows what else. Cognition is no different.

The delusion that the journey to a theory of cognition operates in the
reverse will be viewed as an egregious anomaly misdirecting science at
the end of the 20th century. 

Currently, on the entire planet, we have $Nil invested in replication
and 100% invested in non-replication (note hardware implementation of
models eg. FPGA or anything else is not replication). This is a systemic
psychological disorder in science created by a trans-generational
misdirection built into teaching systems in engineering and science.
Maybe 0.00001% of funds should go to replication? Wouldn't that
represent a dramatic increase in diversity of investment?


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