On Jul 24, 11:00 pm, Colin Geoffrey Hales <cgha...@unimelb.edu.au>
> Hi,http://www.stationlink.com/docs/Executive_Summary_SEE_TOE_v4.pdf
> There's a lot of unfamiliar terminology. However, I think I can see a very 
> high correlation between my general ideas (for example, Hales, C. G. (2009). 
> Dual Aspect Science. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 16(2-3), 30-73.) and 
> the content of your document. I can only encourage you to refine your ideas 
> into a form that might be found attractive to some of the journals.
> In a more general light... I am a very practical person. I look for 
> design-and-build-friendly documents. I do this on the basis "if I can't build 
> it I don't understand it". Likewise, if a document has content that does not 
> assist with a design-and-build, then if loses its usefulness, even if the 
> topic has great intrinsic interest to me.

Yes, I'm not sure what the next step should be, but I'm open to
putting it in whatever form that might work. Your docs look promising,
but being somewhat practical myself, content on the internet that
costs $29 tends to lose it's usefulness, even if the topic interests
me ;) I wish there was a better model of academic dissemination...
I'll see if I can find some more wallet-friendly work of yours out

Many thanks

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