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On 07 Aug 2011, at 17:25, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:


The question here what it could mean, "limited consciousness" in
the case of a spider.

Why limited consciousness? For me the big departure is between RA
consciousness and PA consciousness. PA is RA (addition and
multiplication, mainly) + the induction axioms (it become very
*clever*). When I say that I think that jumping spiders are Löbian, I
 mean that I think they are as much conscious than us. But they have
a lower memory, lower motivation, they are severely constrained by a
very little brain, which makes them far less "intelligent" (in the
sense of Stathis), but I think they are as conscious as us: they
distinguishes themselves from other creature to which they have a
cognitive empathy. For a long time I thought only the mammals can do
that, then I have enlarged this to the homeotherm animals (which
regulate the temperature of the body and happens to dream), and then
I have enlarged this recently to the octopus and the spiders. In a
sense, our own consciousness might be more limited, because it is
full of sophisticated, futile and less futile, human complexity. The
brain seems to be more a filter of (platonic) consciousness than a
consciousness producer, and bigger brain might filter more than less.
technically this points is still hard to settle out.

My question was more about what kind of consciousness experiences a spider has. Let us start with a vision. Does a spider experience a 3D world like we? (well even without colors, say greyscale but still a 3D world) Then does a spider has emotions, pain, etc.?


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