On 11.08.2011 22:46 meekerdb said the following:
On 8/11/2011 1:04 PM, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:


I would say now that consciousness is conscious perception. The
main problem in my view though is who follows the narrative. Does
your theory answer such a question?

I'd say "You do", there's no separate person to follow it, it just

This the point that I do not understand. The question is here more what exactly is the observer in my body. Presumably it is the brain. Then it first constructs the world that I observe, than it observes the constructed world. It is completely unclear though, how it happens.

IS. On the other hand, in terms of engineering a robot, I'd put this
 narrative into long-term memory (disk?) in some kind of easily

It is not a big deal to save two two-dimensional images from retina. It should be possible even to construct from them a three-dimensional image. The question is what happens next? It is the same question, who gets this 3D-image.

searched database. Then when some problem came up that wasn't covered
by existing modules, the robot would search this database for
possible relevant situations in the past. So it would be part of the
learning algorithm.


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