On 3/5/2012 3:23 PM, David Nyman wrote:
On 5 March 2012 21:30, John Clark<johnkcl...@gmail.com>  wrote:

Yes.  I John K Clark just saw a 90 minutes documentary on the history of
asphalt, and as that is certainly one of the large but finite number of 90
minute movies I can see on that screen it is entirely consistent with my
prediction that John K Clark will see every 90 minute movie that screen can
For some reason that really puzzles me, you are systematically failing
to answer the question as posed.  It is equivalent to asking: if you
knew that the entire stock of tickets in a lottery would be
distributed among multiple 3-Johns, what is the probability that your
future experience would be of poverty or wealth?  Of course, you know
in advance that one copy will end up rich, but the 3-situation is not
at issue.  The issue is only whether your next 1-experience will be of
sudden wealth, or not.  It can only be one or the other, not both, and
which it will be is indeterminate in the usual sense of any lottery.
The point being demonstrated is that, regardless of the 3-situation,
you can never "sum" 1-experiences - they are always mutually
exclusive.  Isn't that clear?

It's unclear as to whom "you" and "your" refers to.


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