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It's unclear as to whom "you" and "your" refers to.
Let me suggest a heuristic.  Assume that any given instance of
experience (by which I mean just whatever is necessary to permit some
sort of determination to be made) is selected at random from the class
of all such moments. All personal-indexical references can then be
taken as referring to the conjunction of this instance and whatever
"personal history" is implied by its content and structure.

This heuristic serves to justify the "expectation", from the
perspective of any such instance, of its substitution by other such
instances.  Insofar as such substitutions imply "continuations" of the
present moment, they can be considered as constituting part of the
"future" of a particular personal history.  If this heuristic is
applied consistently to the various thought experiments, (with the
usual allowance for "measure") it should be obvious that "diary
entries" recoverable within any given experiential instance will
typically record precisely the sort of prior uncertainty or
indeterminacy, with respect to the present instance, that Bruno is
talking about.


I don't think I have a problem with the indeterminacy. Consider in your scenario that we duplicated a video camera instead of a person. When look at what the cameras in M and W have recorded in one we see pictures of Helsinki followed by pictures of Moscow and from the other we see pictures of Helsinki followed by pictures of Washington. The ambiguity comes when, before the duplication, we ask, "What will this camera record?". "This" is ambiguous just as "he" is ambiguous.


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