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I like Julian Jaynes idea that it is a side-effect of using the same
parts of the brain
for cogitation as are used for perception. That would be the kind of
thing that evolution
would do, jury rigged but efficient.
I like what I've read of Jaynes too. The Bicameral Mind helps begin to
model what I call super-signifying ideas in culture (much better than
H.A.D.D., which I hate for explaining religion but works well for
explaining why we want to believe computers can become conscious). I
don't know of anything he wrote about though that explains why or how
awareness could exist in the first place.

Why perception exists is pretty obvious in terms of evolutionary
advantage. Even bacteria perceive chemical gradients. Jaynes theory
shows why thinking should be like perceiving a voice in your head.


It depends on how do you define what a perception is. If a perception is supposed to be conscious experience, then bacteria do not perceive chemical gradients, but rather sense them. If you however define perceive and sense as equivalent terms, then even a ballcock perceives a level of water.

“Bacteria can perceive“ is typical for biologists, see my small comment on this



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