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>> Why does feeling have to have "purpose"? The universe as a whole does
>> not have "purpose" unless you believe in a certain kind of god.
> Let us imagine that we have a deterministic theory of everything and it has
> started at time zero with given initial conditions. Then it is possible to
> state that the purpose of that initial conditions was to reach the state
> that we have now. Otherwise, why exactly these initial conditions have been
> employed? One could definitely imagine that the theory of everything starts
> with some other initial conditions (also with some values of fundamental
> constants, etc.).
> In my view, the same event can have purpose or not depending on how you
> describe it. Say a mechanical system develops itself according some
> Lagrangian. There is no purpose. Yet, if you remember about the variational
> principle, then the trajectory minimizes some functional and this could be
> considered as the purpose of the trajectory. Well, this is a word game but
> then you have also to make your definitions to justify your statement.

It's possible to define "purpose" to mean "whatever happens" but I
don't think that's what Craig meant.

Stathis Papaioannou

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