On Wednesday, August 29, 2012 12:27:05 PM UTC-4, Stephen Paul King wrote
>>  Psychopathy (not in the abstract sense, but in the real sense with wich 
>> it appear in humans)  exist just because exist morality. It is an 
>> exploitation of morality for selfish purposes. Therefore it can be 
>> considered a morality effect. it would be non adaptive, and therefore 
>> unexistent, if there were no moral beings.
> You don't need to be immoral or unintelligent to be a psychopath. I agree 
> with Roger that consciousness does not depend on morality (however I think 
> that morality is an extension of significance, which is analogous to 
> density or gravity but in the temporal-figurative sense).
> Craig
> Hi Craig,
>     I think that the defining feature of a psychopath is an inability to 
> accurately model the internal reactions of and by others within one's own 
> thoughts. It is a form of autism.

Ah, you guys are right, I was thinking of psychotic not psychopathic. I 
normally think of the term sociopath for psychopath.

I wouldn't be so sure it is autism exactly. I think that sociopaths have an 
abnormally strong ability to accurately model the internal reactions of 
others, they just use it to exploit and torture them intentionally. It's 
more like they make other people autistic to their motives. I would guess 
that their schadenfreude conversion factor is such that they enjoy causing 
pain as their primary from of pleasure.  


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