On 8/29/2012 11:38 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:

On Wednesday, August 29, 2012 9:09:05 AM UTC-4, Alberto G.Corona wrote:


    I just wanted to summarize the evolutionary reasons why
    idividuality exist, (no matter if individuality is a cause or an
    effect of phisical laws).  I did an extended account of this
    somewhere else in this list.
    I do not accept normative as distinct from objective. this is the
    fallacy of the naturalistic fallacy.

I don't have any particular opinion about individuality. It seems like a more advanced topic. I am more interested in the very primitive basics of what consciousness actually is. Individuality, personality, human psychology...that's calculus. I am looking at multiplication and division. What I can see is that awareness seems ambivalent to the notion of individuality. Altered states of consciousness, mob mentality, mass hypnosis...it's not a well defined concept for me yet.

    Psychopathy (not in the abstract sense, but in the real sense with
    wich it appear in humans)  exist just because exist morality. It
    is an exploitation of morality for selfish purposes. Therefore it
    can be considered a morality effect. it would be non adaptive, and
    therefore unexistent, if there were no moral beings.

You don't need to be immoral or unintelligent to be a psychopath. I agree with Roger that consciousness does not depend on morality (however I think that morality is an extension of significance, which is analogous to density or gravity but in the temporal-figurative sense).

Hi Craig,

I think that the defining feature of a psychopath is an inability to accurately model the internal reactions of and by others within one's own thoughts. It is a form of autism.




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