On 9/11/2012 1:25 PM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

On 11 Sep 2012, at 13:33, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

The idea of looking for a spatio-temporal location of the mental (or soul) categories in the brain is wrong IHMO, and it is surprising to heart this from you Roger. Brain localization of mental functions is like trying to locate physically the spell checker of a word processor in the hardware of a personal computer. The spell checker uses most of the hardware.

But there are low level computer functions that are physically located, such are the floating point unit, the memory transfer unit etc. There are a parallelism in the brain: IHMO there is a confusion between very specialized functions, like sensory processing, which are localized for reasons of processing efficiency and wider, higuer level functions like the self, which are not subject to this restriction. As far as i know, the amygdala is part of these efficiency-constrained parts of the brain. For this reason it is almost a separate organ. It is in charge of early processing of sensory data to trigger rapid responses before they are consciously analysed.

You can't locate the first person mind, but you can locate relatively to you the 3p modules responsible for the relative (to you) manifestation of that mind.

In fine, that local 3p is only an 1p-plural due to the 1p indeterminacy on all the arithmetical realization of those manifestation, so the "exact 3p picture" is more complex, and involves infinities of computations.

Dear Bruno,

Could the 3p be defined as a closed and open (clopen) set of many 1p's, where each 1p is the intersection (or somethign similar) of an infinity of computations?




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