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> What I see that he has not considered is that consciousness is a the
> function of uniqueness itself

For me to understand what you mean by this you need to answer one question,
was the Email message that you sent to the Everything list on Sunday Sep
23, 2012 at 9:13 AM on the east coast of the USA with the title
"Re:Zombieopolis Thought Experiment" unique?

> the accumulated history of experience, seen to us as matter

Without information to organize it matter doesn't seem like much of
anything, its just a chaotic amorphous lump of stuff containing nothing of

> I see only coma and death as the replacement neurons encroach on the
> brain stem

Because you believe that the neurons are doing something magical, even
though the scientific method can not find one scrap of evidence that they
are doing any such thing. No doubt you will say that science doesn't know
everything and just hasn't found the answer, but the problem is that
science hasn't even found evidence that there is a question that needs
answering, or if you prefer to put it another way, science hasn't found any
evidence that a intelligent conscious computer is more impossible than a
intelligent conscious human. Unless you can show at a fundamental level
that biology has something that electronics lacks we must conclude that If
computers can't be conscious then neither can humans.

> irreversible damage would occur just as it would with dementia or a
> malignant brain tumor.

I would say that would be more like a benign brain tumor, in fact given
that it performs exactly like the original brain cells it would not be
going too far to call it an Infinitely benign brain tumor.

  John K Clark

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