On 9/24/2012 10:13 AM, Roger Clough wrote:
A computer being not conscious ? All computer operations
(to my mind,probably not yours) are actual (in spacetime).
But  consciousness is an inherent (mental, not in spacetime)

Cs = subject + object

A computer has no inherent realms, no conscious self or observer.

Instead, a computer is all object (completely in the objective realm),
no subject.
Hi Roger,

I disagree. You are merely stipulating that there is no "self" possible and thus conclude the obvious implication. If we permit consideration of an internal modeling system then the possibility of a conscious self becomes just a matter of discovering whether or not the technical means of implementing an internal modeling and updating process are actual. There strong reasons to consider that a physical object and its evolution in time are, effectively, the best possible simulation of that physical system, thus a physical system is, FAPP, its own best possible model. If there is a feedback between the physical states of the system and its simulation that has come causal efficacy then I would propose that we must consider that physical system to be, in fact, conscious.




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