Dear Bruno, 

WHOEVER:   Tell us more about how White Rabbits can appear if there is any 
restriction of mutual logical consistency between 1p and in any arbitrary 
recursion of 1p content? 

BRUNO: We assume comp.  If a digital computer processes the activity of your 
brain in dream state with white rabbits, 
it means that such a computation "with that dream" exist in infinitely many 
local "incarnation" in the arithmetical (tiny, Turing universal) reality. 

If you do a physical experience, the hallucination that all goes weird at that 
moment exists also, in arithmetic. The measure problem consists in justifying 
from consistency, self-reference, universal numbers, their rarity, that is why 
apparent special universal (Turing) laws prevails (and this keeping in mind the 
1p, the 1p-indeterminacy, the 3p relative distinctions, etc.)  

ROGER: IMHO In either case, the dream or hallucination, I maintain
    that a computer cannot directly share your experience or even have
    an experience period. Or to use notation, 3p(1p) is impossible.
    That is I think the solipsism problem. 
        If I have it right, 3p(1p) = FALSE
    However, my report of the dream would be 3p(1p), and a computer
    can in the 3p sense, "understand" my 3p(1p). That is to say,

        3p(3p(1p))) = TRUE.

    Note that I am not at all proficient regarding logic.



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