On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 5:35 AM, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:
>> My prejudice is that the projection from dreams of the mind is to a
>> unique physical universe rather than every possible one.
> On the contrary. It leads to many-dreams, and it is an open question if this
> leads to a multiverse, or a multi-multiverse, or a multi-multi-multiverse,
> etc.
>> Is CTM
>> capable of such a projection even if it is not Occam?
> CTM predicts it a priori. And it is OCCAM, in the sense that it is the
> simplest conceptual theory (just addition and multiplication of non negative
> integers).

Bruno, I presume here you mean that CTM predicts many dreams a priori.

Is the projection to one SWI universe and/or multiple MWI universes
also predicted a priori?  My concern is that consciousness is
predicted at the many dreams stage before projection and that
consciousness could decide (a risky term) on a single SWI physical
universe with quantum probability.

In other words, the realm of "many dreams" contains all possible
eigenfunctions at various amplitudes. But in my view, if all
eigenfunctions become real in different physical worlds, the amplitude
information is lost despite Deutsch's "measure" argument. That is,
amplitude information is only conserved as frequency of events in a
single physical world integrated over many trials. For Deutsch's
argument to be correct the same "many worlds" eigenfunctions must
exist in every universe of the multiverse, which in my mind makes the
MWI multiverse an illusion.


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