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    Hi Craig,

    I tend to agree with what you say (or what I understand of it). Despite my 
    that it is possible to extract memories (or their 3p shadows) from a brain, 
I do
    not believe in the neuroscience hypothesis that consciousness emerges from 
    activity. I'm not sure I believe that there is a degree of consciousness in
    everything, but it sounds more plausible than the emergence from complexity 

    Do you agree that intelligence requires complexity?

I'm not sure intelligence and complexity are two different things.


I have a theory of intelligence. It has strong defect, as it makes many things intelligent. But not everyone.

The machine X is intelligent, if it is not stupid.

And the machine X is stupid in two circumstances. Either she asserts that Y is intelligent, or she assert that Y is stupid. (Y can be equal to X).

So if X is smart she asserts Y is not intelligent or Y is not stupid.  :-)


In that theory, a pebble is intelligent, as no one has ever heard a pebble asserting that some other pebble or whatever, is stupid, or is intelligent.

(that theory is almost only a identification of intelligence with consistency 

Intelligence is needed to develop competences.

But competences can have a negative feedback on intelligence.


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