On Mon, Apr 22, 2013  Telmo Menezes <te...@telmomenezes.com> wrote:

>> Without the axiom that intelligent behavior implies consciousness it
>> would be entirely reasonable to conclude that you are the only conscious
>> being in the universe.
> > Now we're getting to the heart of it.


> That axiom is a religious belief.

Call it any bad name you like but the fact is that both you and I have been
measuring consciousness by intelligent behavior every minute of every hour
of our waking life from the moment we were born. Any logical system must
start with unproven axioms and the fewer and the simpler the better, and I
can't think of a better axiom to start with than that one.

> Unlike other scientific axioms, it doesn't help us in building new
> gadgets,


> > so not even useful

False, at least for me. I find it very useful indeed because I could not
function if I thought I was the only conscious being in the universe and,
provided that you really are conscious, I doubt if you could either.

> I might very well suspect the computer is conscious, but I wouldn't claim
> to be sure

Do you know for sure that I am conscious? For that matter all you know
about me is the ASCII sequences I have produced, so do you even know for
sure that I'm not a computer?

 John K Clark

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