On 7/10/2013 3:48 PM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
More recently I heard tell of a woman preacher who suddenly announced to her
starteled congfregation that at last she was free, she
had becomnwe an atheist.
That feeling of freedom is normal. after a while she will fee a vacuum since the religious instinct impulse people to meet people with similar worldviews and for logical reasons. Men can not live alone. The problem is that if this process is not organized it manifest itself in the most brutal ways. And the primitive unorganized way to do this is trough sacrifices, where freedom is the first sacrifice.

People need companionship. So she will meet like minded people through sacrifices? and in a brutal way?

Non-sequiturs worthy of a theologian.
I like the worlds of a Christian converted from Islam Moseb Hassan Yousef, son of the leader of the muslim brotherhood, and former terrorist itself, thus said: "Christ free us from religion. Any kind or religion Islam, Satanism, communism or christianism. And this is the true meaning of the sacrifice of Christ. humans are religious because they are social and Religion is about sacrifices. the sacrifice of Christ free us from our own sacrifices. Whoever does not believe in Christ must realize sacrifices for the other nonbelievers of his community.

Who's gonna make me?


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