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> John, please understand from the Christian pov, that this (Christianity)
>  is an attempt to sustain life beyond death,

I understand that, but understanding how a stupid point of view came about
does not make that point of view any less stupid.

> Jesus, for them, is the ticket out of the tragedies, and suffering, in
> life.

And Jesus is also the ticket for being terrified of the afterlife. The God
of the Old testament may be the most unpleasant character in all of fiction
and He may have enjoyed forced cannibalism and torture, but at least once
you were dead you were dead and He was finished playing with you; but not
so in the New Testament of Jesus the Prince of Peace. Jesus is going to use
all His infinite skill to torture you as horribly as He can for all of
eternity if you take just one step out of line. But he loves you!

> > This is the only ticket to get out of suffering-free card, and unless
> you have something, better, to offer,

How about Cryonics? It probably won't work but at least there is a chance
and the concept isn't based on idiocy.

> why would they give all that up?

They won't give it up and they won't do so because mommy and daddy told
them not to. Very young human children are hard wired to believe what
adults tell them, and this belief usually persists into adulthood even if
its brain dead dumb.

> I suspect it is how our limbic systems are wired, rather then
> indoctrination before potty training.

Then why is geography such a enormous factor in religious belief? If you
tell me the part of the world you're from I can make excellent predictions
of what religious beliefs you hold with far far greater accuracy than what
you'd expect from random guessing, and if I know what religious franchise
your mommy and daddy belonged to my predictions are even better.

> Some are just naturally less troubled by tragedy, or deal with it more,
> successfully, than the religious??

I am no fan of tragedy and I fear death just as much as the religious do,
but I know that being stupid doesn't help.

  John K Clark

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