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John, please understand from the Christian pov, that this (Christianity) is an attempt to sustain life beyond death, and so far this has been the only option for them . Jesus, for them, is the ticket out of the tragedies, and suffering, in life. Its an attempt to try to make things better, for the people they care for, and themselves. I don't see this as a philosophical arm wrresting match between Darwin and Jesus. This is the only ticket to get out of suffering-free card, and unless you have something, better, to offer, why would they give all that up? You can apply this statement, and double-down on it with Islam-which explains, the reason for jihad. I respect your point of view intellectually, and I suspect it is how our limbic systems are wired, rather then indoctrination before potty training. Some are just naturally less troubled by tragedy, or deal with it more, successfully, than the religious??

But it's not the only life-after-death card. In fact Christianity borrowed heavily from Zoroastrianism: final battle, good over evil, judgement day, punishment of the wicked. BUT the punishment wasn't eternal and everybody gets to heaven eventually and nobody has to get crucified.


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