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Lets jump ahead of the logic and technology, and presume a successful digital imitation of the human brain in several decades. More than the Turing Test, assuming that no programmer or developer inserts a complex program, made to fool human observers, would not a computer that says " I want to live" a more important AI function than just pretending to fool humans as the Turing Test asserts. It speaks to the will and thus 'soul.' Yeah, at the end of the day I am a dualist, which in this list is comparable to a flat-earther. But the I want to live phrase speaks to me, rather then somebody chatting with a program, about the weather in Blackford Lancashire, and fooling the human.

I'm not sure that's "ahead". I can already program my computer to say "I want to live". Are people who are suicidal suddenly not intelligent? Don't planaria want to live?


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