On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 3:37 PM, Chris de Morsella <cdemorse...@yahoo.com>wrote:

>  do you think I am trying to pretend that I am deterministic within my
> own self?

I think you believe you are not deterministic and also not not
deterministic, which is equivalent to saying I think you believe in

> > all my decisions and free will could be the result of a grand illusion

Free Will is not an illusion. An illusion is a well defined perfectly
respectable subjective phenomenon, but "free will" is not like that at all,
"free will" is just a noise  that some bipeds like to make with their
mouth.  Cows make a different noise, cows say "Moo".


> > Why has evolution invested so much energy in erecting such a perfect
> rendition of this facsimile of free will that is the common sense
> experience that we all experience within ourselves?

I cannot answer that question because I don't know what the ASCII sequence
"free will" means.

  John K Clark

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