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>> Fine, if the MWI is true and if the same definition of "you" is used as
>> Bruno's definition, namely that " "you" concerns the guy(s) who will
>> remember having been in Helsinki", then it is beyond dispute that "you"
>> will see BOTH spin up AND spin down. And don't come back and say that can
>> be proven wrong because "I" see only spin up, because that is only half the
>> amount of data that would be needed to prove it wrong.
> > Fine and you'll be wrong,

No, according to Bruno's meaning of the word "you" will see BOTH spin up
and spin down.

> because MWI predicts like QM 50%.

MWI like QM predicts 50% of what will do what?

> And yes, one of you will see up, and one of you will see down.

Correct, so "you" will see spin up and spin down acceding to Bruno's
meaning of the word "you". Obviously if the meaning of the word "you", or
the meaning of any other word in the preceding sentence is changed then it
may no longer be true.

  John K Clark

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