On 12/24/2013 5:33 AM, Edgar L. Owen wrote:

I clearly stated IF a God is desired THEN defining it is reality itself is the only logical choice. I'm fine just calling it reality, but lots of people (Roger e.g.) need a God.

And it is NOT "ill-defined" even though all of reality is not known. The definition itself is tight, exact and meaningful.

I don't necessarily disagree. One could define reality by saying, "THIS!" accompanied by a sufficiently sweeping gesture. But definition needs make definite distinctions. So are dreams, numbers, mathematics, chairs, events, electrons all equally "real" in your ontology? Are some more fundamental than others? How do deal with theories of Everettian relative states vs randomness vs mulitiple universes?

One doesn't need to know everything about reality to define it meaningfully as everything that exists.

No, but you need an operational criterion to decide whether a give thing exists, e.g. does Sherlock Holmes exist? Is there a 1000 digit prime number in the decimal representation of pi? Does it exist?


Thus defining God as Reality is well defined and meaningful. It's the only rational choice IF you need a God.


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