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Everett's idea is more properly a theory. It explains the phenomenon of collapse without supposing it is the other ideas of QM that try to interpret what is seen (without offering any explanation for them).

As Deutsch says, we wouldn't call dinosaurs an interpretation of fossils when they are the very thing that explains the appearance of the fossils. So it is with Everett and collapse.

I agree. if people read Everett they will see that he does not talk about a new interpretation of QM, but on a new formulation of QM, which is simply the SWE.

I consider that "MW interpretation" is already a misleading statement. Everett proposed a new theory, which is exactly Copenhagen minus the collapse.

Then Everett explains in that theory where the beliefs in collapse comes from.

Comp does the same, and explains, constructively, where the belief in the universal wave (or matrix or path) come from.

The conceptual progresses are the following

    - SWE
    - Collapse
    - Dualist theory of mind (unintelligible as such)

    - SWE
    - Comp

    - Comp.


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