On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 10:08 PM, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote

>>  Are faster-than-light influences involved?
> >  No.

That means you think things are local.

>> 2. When it is determined whether or not Schrodinger's cat is alive or
>> dead?
> >>  The cat is always either dead or alive. It's just a matter of someone
> making a measurement to find out.

That means you think things are realistic, and that means  I know for a
fact your thinking is wrong, not crazy but wrong. We know from experiment
that Bell's inequality is violated, and that means that locality or realism
or both MUST be wrong. And yes I know that's crazy, but complain to the
universe not to me. Your ideas are not crazy, and that is exactly why
they're wrong. If I were making a universe I'd make it your way too, but
unfortunately Yehowah got the job not me.

  John K Clark

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