(I'm expanding on the comment by Jason.)

The "P-time" notion, if it means anything at all timelike, says that there 
exists some uniquely correct ordering of events across space.

Consider these events: Pam's 3rd birthday party and Sam's 4th birthday party

The "P-time" notion says that either (A) P3bp happens before S4bp, (B) P3bp 
happens after S4bp, or (C) P3bp happens at the same time as S4bp.  The 
"P-time" notion, having not developed in a scientific manner, can't offer 
any help in discovering which of A, B, or C is the case; it merely says it 
is the case that, in principle, exactly one of A, B, or C is true.

By contrast, the past century of physics concludes that A is true in some 
reference frames, B is true in other reference frames, and C is true in 
other other reference frames.  It is NOT the case that, in principle, 
exactly one of A, B, or C is true.

So there's a direct contradiction.  And "P-time" falls on the wrong side of 
the contradiction according to a whole century's worth of experimental work 
in physics.

Furthermore, there is (scientific) theoretical work (c.f. 
http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/10/121002145454.htm ) that 
indicates that, by exploiting quantum behavior, we should be able to build 
a superposition of one causal order and the reverse causal order between 
two events in the same location.  If that pans out empirically, then the 
"P-time" notion won't even have the appearance of being a local 
approximation to the truth.


On Thursday, January 2, 2014 5:19:52 PM UTC-6, Jason wrote:
> Edgar,
> I realized there is another problem.  It is not just that we don't what 
> Sam is doing, but it seems the present moment P-time does not proceed in an 
> orderly or logical manner.
> From Pam's point of view the event of her reaching Proxima Centauri 
> happens *before *Sam's 4th birthday. But from Sam's point of view, Pam 
> reaching Proxima Centauri happens *after *his 4th birthday!
> If there is a single, orderly proceeding, present moment, then I see no 
> what whatever to reconcile the incompatibility of these views...
> Jason

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