On 5 January 2014 04:16, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Hi Gabe,
> These questions are ill formulated but I'll take a shot at them....
> 1. For every observer there is a uniquely true (actual is a better
> descriptor) order of events in their own experience. All these events
> always occur in their Present moment. The rate at which these events occur
> is controlled by their local Clock times. Their clock times can pass at
> different rates through their present moments.

So "Clock times can pass at different rates through their present moment".
What is the relation between them? Does a person always experience clock
time? If so, that makes the present moment undetectable by any means
whatsoever, afaics. It also does no work within the theory of computational
reality, which can equally well have a cell of the automaton at every point
in Minkowsi space-time....I think. And the cells all interact locally, thus
limiting the speed of influences...

In fact I quite like my theory of "cellular automaton time" (hereinafter
CAT) which places a computing cell at each locus in space-time. Now, how
can I make it Lorentz invariant........? Maybe it exists on the light cone
and uses the holographic principle to project the appearance of slower than
light particles?

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