On 11 January 2014 14:34, Terren Suydam <terren.suy...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Yeah, if there's one thing about the UDA that seems like magic to me,
> that's it - how an infinity of emulations "condense" into a single
> conscious experience.
If they're identical, I guess you wouldn't be able to tell the experiences
apart. They would be "fungible", like the infinite identical copies that
exist in the MWI prior to branching / differentiation. So they would just
be one experience, even if it was generated an infinite number of times. I
guess this is the "capsule theory" of identity, like Fred Hoyle and "his
pigeon holes and flashlight" view of consciousness in "October the first is
too late". From the viewpoint of the experiencer, it wouldn't matter if
millions of pigeon holes were identical, with identical notes in them, and
others only appeared once.

I think.

(I'm assuming it's the "infinity" part that's the problem...)

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