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> If they're all truly identical then yes, it's much easier to see how it
> could be experienced as a single consciousness.
> But what precisely does it mean for an infinity of computations to go
> through my state? How precisely is "my state" specified?  Imagine you have
> two computations that essentially simulate my brain and they are identical
> in every way except that there is a difference in orientation of a single
> water molecule. Would one of those emulations be excluded from the infinity
> of computations going through my state? If so, it
I don't think they emulate your brain, only your mental state. So I don't
think a water molecule would normally matter, since it isn't perceived.

> seems to be an overly stringent requirement for specifying my state, but
> that could just be a question of what substitution level you bet on. If the
> two nearly identical simulations do both contribute, then we can ask the
> same question of bigger and bigger differences between two hypothetical
> simulations until we can say unambiguously that they cannot both be part of
> the snapshot of my current conscious state. The question is then, where
> exactly did we cross the line, and how do you define it?
Yes, that sounds reasonable. Although I beleive the subst level isn't
knowable, even in principle, according to Bruno.

>  You can also go through the same exercise, but modifying instead the
> environment, where the environment could include other people and their
> states of mind. This one seems easier, as you could group together all
> computations whose differences don't impact the environment that I am
> consciously aware of.
> The point being that if we do allow that non-identical emulations can
> contribute, that's where the "magic" happens... the fact that my experience
> is a measure of the most stable continuations, in the sense that white
> rabbits don't appear. Are there other worlds (akin to Glak's) where I am
> typing this email only to be interrupted by a ufo tractoring my house off
> the ground?
I think we have to assume so, along with ones where you spontaneously
combust, turn into a white rabbit, etc. But those have very small measure
(and I expect one day Bruno will explain why... but I think this is an open

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