On 1/13/2014 4:10 PM, Edgar L. Owen wrote:

No, it's not that simple as I thought I had explained. You have to consider not just what is happening in the simulated being's 'mind' or simulation but the whole context of the simulation. I'll try again. Even if a simulated world is entirely convincing in the short term it still MUST exist in the actual reality, and if it is not in accordance with the actual logic of that actual reality it will quickly or eventually fail. The real being must exist somewhere else and be receiving nutrients etc. in a real actual reality with which it is in logical synch with.

So you're saying that although there are many possible world's (alternative physics, etc) that can exist in simulations, only one of these is real. Which raises the question, why this one?


Thus you can't have just any old arbitrary fake simulation running or the simulated being will quickly die in the real actual reality in which it MUST have an actual existence. So there will always be a way to tell if the reality you live in is simulated or not. If you actually exist then at least the basics must be in accord with actual reality.

Of course, as you suggest, there are many non-essential ways a simulation can be wrong and the subject still function, but no essential ones. No matter how simulated an internal reality is it still must exist in a real actual reality and this will always eventually give a false simulation away when it is tested against actual reality by the test of whether it is consistent with the continued existence and functioning of the subject.


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