On 1/14/2014 9:10 AM, Edgar L. Owen wrote:

Glad you aren't criticizing my theory! Thanks! How could I have gotten that 
idea I wonder?

There is only one ACTUAL world or reality which includes everything that exists by definition. There are NO POSSIBLE worlds except the one that is ACTUAL. It's existence falsifies all others. Of course you can imagine other possible worlds but they aren't REALLY possible because they don't actually exist.

You are improperly applying the logic of day to day things to reality as a 

No, I'm not. I'm asking about quantum mechanics. Are you denying that there are different possible outcomes in measuring the spin a particle along the x-axis after it has been measured along the y-axis? We only observe one outcome. So how does your theory model the apparent randomness?


It is not properly applicable. See my new topic on "Why our Fine Tuning" for a detailed explanation of why the logic of day to day things as expressed in linguistic syntax misleads when one attempts to apply it to the universe as a whole.

When you understand that it is clear that a TOE doesn't have to explain why other possibilities DON'T exist, it only has to explain why what does exist is what ACTUALLY exists.


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