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>> > On 1/14/2019 3:22 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote: 
>> >> The physics comes from the first person statistical interference between 
>> >> those dreams. 
>> > 
>> > Where can this "person" be to make a statisical inference, if there are 
>> > only the dreams? 
>> > 
>> That person makes the inference in the dreams, and test them in the mean 
>> (most normal, in the Gaussian sense) consistent extensions where it 
>> consciousness differentiate. 
>> Those dream are not “nocturnal” type of dream. A dream here is just a 
>> computation supporting a Löbian machine, which itself supports a person ([]p 
>> &p). The measure one is given either by []p & p (p sigma_1), or just []p & 
>> <>t. “[]p” alone cannot work, because G adds “cul-de-sac world” at any 
>> transition, and we have to get rid of them, to get the default hypotheses 
>> used in probability or credibility theory. 
>> We do reverse engineering somehow. We extract the geometry of the universe 
>> (the accessibility relations) from the modal logic of the 
>> observable/predictable, which is derived from the “material variants” of G 
>> (mainly Z). 
>> With mechanism, there are no other way, unless adding a magical selection 
>> principle, but that would make impossible to trust any digitalist doctors. 
>> Would you say yes to a doctor who says that the transplant needs some 
>> prayer? 
>> Bruno 
>> But what exactly counts as a digital implant?
>>  Likely, neurosurgeons in the future will be replacing neurons and groups of 
>> neurons in human brains with synthetic neurons made of some sort of 
>> materials, perhaps including silicon, but also biopolymers …
> An implant can be said digital if it is emulable at the relevant substitution 
> level (that we cannot know for sure, that is why it is a sort of bet).
> If the primitive matter plays a role, it has to be non Turing emulable at 
> all, but there are no evidences for this, and some contrary evidences do 
> exist.
> Bruno
> Suppose you replace one neuron (e.g. w/[OEBN],

w/[OEBN] ?

> but something of that kind) in a human brain. Everything's fine. The you 
> replace a group of neurons. Everything's fine. Eventually all neurons are 
> replaced. Is the result an emulation?

That would be magic. But if the “artificial neurons” functions with digital 
circuitry, and all is fine, then the consciousness supervene of computation, 
and it is emulated in infinitely many exemplar in the Arithmetical Reality, and 
no machine can feel the difference between a digital emulation done by a 
physical reality, or by a god, or by arithmetic, and so physics has to be 
retrieved on all computations which emulates our digital consistent extensions. 
That explains the quantum aspect of nature (statistical interfering of 
infinities of computations, quantum logic).

> [OEBN] An organic electronic biomimetic neuron enables auto-regulated 
> neuromodulation

Ah! OK.

> https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0956566315300610 
> <https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0956566315300610>
> Abstract
> Current therapies for neurological disorders are based on traditional 
> medication and electric stimulation. Here, we present an organic electronic 
> biomimetic neuron, with the capacity to precisely intervene with the 
> underlying malfunctioning signaling pathway using endogenous substances. The 
> fundamental function of neurons, defined as 
> chemical-to-electrical-to-chemical signal transduction, is achieved by 
> connecting enzyme-based amperometric biosensors and organic electronic ion 
> pumps. Selective biosensors transduce chemical signals into an electric 
> current, which regulates electrophoretic delivery of chemical substances 
> without necessitating liquid flow. Biosensors detected neurotransmitters in 
> physiologically relevant ranges of 5–80 µM, showing linear response above 20 
> µm with approx. 0.1 nA/µM slope. When exceeding defined threshold 
> concentrations, biosensor output signals, connected via custom 
> hardware/software, activated local or distant neurotransmitter delivery from 
> the organic electronic ion pump. Changes of 20 µM glutamate or acetylcholine 
> triggered diffusive delivery of acetylcholine, which activated cells via 
> receptor-mediated signalling. This was observed in real-time by single-cell 
> ratiometric Ca2+ imaging. The results demonstrate the potential of the 
> organic electronic biomimetic neuron in therapies involving long-range 
> neuronal signaling by mimicking the function of projection neurons. 
> Alternatively, conversion of glutamate-induced descending neuromuscular 
> signals into acetylcholine-mediated muscular activation signals may be 
> obtained, applicable for bridging injured sites and active prosthetics.

No problem with this. Linear response illustrates mechanism consequence. 
Mechanism is typically non linear at the start, and the linearity is only 
emergent. Note.


> - pt
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