Share Long:
> Richard, is this there one of them there red 
> herrings or Aunt Sallys or straw individuals?
No, just free advice so you don't get your mind
raped. LoL!

> And hopefully by now MJ realizes that you love 
> to taunt him about allegedly being an MIU student.
Never heard of a college student that didn't take
English or History. There's no 'MJ' Share, it's 
just another anonymous informant, poioning the well. 

Nobody I know ever heard of him up there, baking 
or otherwise. So, we haven't heard the full story,
obviously. After reading TM discussion groups for
fifteen years, I can say without the least
hesitation, there's always an untold story. Take
the example of Lon P. Stacks or Steve Perino.

Why anyone would want to be a 'baker' up at MIU 
and not pursue a degree in cookin is beyond me.

Curtis got a degree in Philosophy up there and
Kirk Bernhardt got a degree in English from MIU,
so I know it can be done. So, what's the point?

Alex don't need no stinkin' MUM degree because 
he's already living in Heaven on Earth out there.

Go figure.

> > Ok, Judy, apologies accepted, thank you.
> >
> When someone says they believe they can tell
> you what to think, you have the right to tell
> them you believe you have the right to tell 
> them where to go. LoL!
> > Moving on, you think I was wrong when I said 
> > psychologically raped to Robin.  I think I 
> > was emotionally upset, as well as overwhelmed 
> > by many other inputs.  I think I was lacking 
> > in psychological development.  I think I was 
> > lacking in certain communication skills. 
> > 
> > Nonetheless I think my POV is more accurate and 
> > inclusive of the whole truth than yours. And my 
> > inner Xeno is smiling wryly about that. 
> > 
> > My statements on and about Sept 6 were all 
> > genuine expressions of how I was feeling when I 
> > wrote them. Even now I assess those posts as 
> > accurately reporting that I was very upset with 
> > Robin and also giving him the benefit of the 
> > doubt because I wanted to see if there was a 
> > way to continue being friends.  It is true that
> >  I was experiencing a mix and range of physical 
> > and emotional states from grumpiness to feeling 
> > psychologically raped. 
> > 
> > Mix and range of inner experiences is something 
> > humans experience. Though evidently not all 
> > humans recognize this fact. 
> > 
> > In addition, every time Xeno, Curtis, Steve, 
> > feste and others write about this, their clarity 
> > and greater objectivity has helped me understand 
> > what was often subjective and emotionally 
> > challenging for me.  So I am grateful to them all 
> > for helping me find the words to understand events 
> > and individuals that I'm still trying to understand.
> > And I continue to incorporate their understandings 
> > and wordings into my thinking and writing about it.
> > EMILY, take note, my incorporating of the insights 
> > of others will continue to happen.
> > 
> > Judy, it's not that I keep going lower and lower.
> > It's that your assessment of your POV keeps going 
> > higher and higher.  Indicating only that it's all 
> > relative.
> > 
> > As for your concern about Robin's reputation, as 
> > one poster recently said here, what I said was a blip 
> > on the screen in comparison to Robin's own posts.
> > I'd add that the postings of many of his supporters 
> > also affects his reputation negatively, as difficult 
> > as that might be for them to acknowledge.  
> > 
> > Reasonable people everywhere will consider all that 
> > is pertinent.  Or maybe ignore the whole thing. 
> > Beyond that it is the workings of karma.
> > 
> > >
> > > Poor archives, still being selectively eschewed by Judy.
> > > Correcting Judy:  I joined FFL in May 2012 and Robin
> > > rejoined in June 2012.
> > >
> > You are absolutely right, my mistake, and my apologies.
> > 
> > Robin *first* joined FFL in June 2011, left in January
> > 2012, and returned in June. You joined in May 2012,
> > as you say. Apparently I conflated the two June dates.
> > I should have double-checked.
> > 
> > However, my point stands: You were not new either to FFL
> > or to Robin at the time he made the remarks that you
> > decided four weeks later constituted "psychological rape."
> > You had been on FFL for three-and-a-half months, and your
> > conversations with Robin had begun in early July, two
> > months previously.
> >

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