Hi Kelly,
Right. That is precisely why I want to design my own accessible RPG game. The mainstream gamers have all sorts of RPG titles like Heroes of Might and Magic, Final Fantacy, Legend of Zelda, etc but they aren't accessible. The ones that are accessible such as muds and some web based RPG games spend more on player verses player, chat, etc rather than actually developing an indepth game world, back story, and so on. While I personally really like some web based RPG games like Sryth I do have one complaint. Which is that you have to be on an internet connection to play it. If you are traveling in a car, bus, on a train, visiting with relatives without the internet, etc you can't play the game. Since I always have my laptop with me just about everywhere i go I would like to be able to load the game on my notebook and play no matter where I am weather I have an internet connection or not. I have yet to find a blind accessible RPG game besides Nethack and ADOM which will allow me to do that.

Kellie and my lovable Lady J. wrote:
lol The mideval setting is popular amongst gamers but there aren't a lot of games that are fantasy based for accessible use. I know there are muds, I play those. But I mean single player fantasy things. I haven't played much interactive fiction maybe I should try it out and see if that has the same. I don't like using the sapi speech though, ddrives me crazy with the basic voices. But the type of game I want is the epic quest sort. The ones where there is an end goal but there are smaller tasks that lead up to that end goal. lol That would take so long to code though and to think of a great story line. when I could see I liked final fantasy and that was on the original nintendo. I would watch friends play and participate with decisions on the later versions of ff. I liked lunar, star ocean. That sort is so fun. So I guess that is why the fantasy theme still is what I would love to have.
Kellie and my lovable Lady J.
Canine Welfare Technician/Resident adviser
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