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That folder of starwars stuff would be fantastic! I'd especially like to find out what happens betwene the films, ---- how the rebellion moved from Yavin to Hoth, what were the repercussions in the empire to the destruction of alderan and the princess officially joining the rebellion, how long was Han frozen in carbonite,
and what happened with chubaka's attempt to rescue  Han from Jaba earlier?
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Well, some of what you are asking for is right in the original three books New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi which the first three movies were based on. In Return of the Jedi it states that six months had passed between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. So I'd say based on that time frame Han had been a prisoner of Jaba the Hut for around six months before Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, etc attempted their rescue. As far as what is in the Star Wars book folder there aren't many books that are between the first three movies, but there are lots of them that are about the clone wars, and even more that take up the story after ROTJ. Some of the books like New Jedi Order, Dark Nest, and Legacy of the Force take place about 20 to 30 years after the movies and mainly deal with the Solo twins, Luke's son Ben, etc who are now members of the new Jedi order with Luke Skywalker and his wife Mara as leaders of the Jedi Knights. Anyway, I'll look up that info and send it along off list.

Character backstory and methodology is entirely important. even in Sryth, Ekitrina is a verry defigned character with her own backstory, ---- which I'm actually now wanting to finish writing up (it's almost done, just a couple of chapters left), and I try to pick the action choices in the game which most reflect her character.
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Absolutely. That is all part of the fun of pretending to be someone else. To make it truly interesting you have to sort of build the characters beliefs, attitudes, etc all up from the ground. Is the character religious, is he/she a lawful or unlawful character, what did he/she do before becoming a hero or rogue, where was he/she born, and so on. I think for me creating that character, molding them into a person with thoughts, feelings, history, goals, etc is the most rewarding part of roll play. You have a personal attatchment with that character and it is not the same as an impersonal character like in SOD where the character is just there with no depth, history, or back story other than the intro states that you came to check out the place and got stuck.
It's actually the setting thing that causes me to lose patience with the vast majority of text rpgs on the net, which seem more concerned with stats and pvp than the actual
story of the game.
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Been there done that. As I just said to Kelly the entire focus on text chat, pvp, etc has really ruined online RPG games for me. They seam like a place for people to hang out, but they do more chatting and pvp stuff than actually building the story, interesting quests, and, I don't know, they lacked depth. For example, a couple of years back I signed up for an account with an online Star Wars RPG. It was suppose to take place during the great Sith wars, and you of course had to become a member of the Sith to join. As it turned out though after being there a while all I basically saw was a bunch of people doing pvp stuff and chatting about glorious battles they had against other players. The story really wasn't there other than what was dragged out of Star wars myth and legend about the Sith. That with the lack of accessibility features in the game made me decide to quit pdq. I mention this because I had joined that particular RPG in hopes to join the Sith wars and under take quests, missions, and of course get more into the back ground of the Sith 500 years before the current SW timeline. that didn't really happen. Mostly it was just a bunch of SW geeks who got together to do some saber raddling with each other and see who could kill who and gain an extra rank on the ladder by assassinating the person above them. In short, it was boring without any back story to speak of.

Anyway, I'm also wondering if you happen to have checked out the Chronicles of Arborell. it's an attempt to create online an entire world and setting with gamebooks, historical naratives, short stories and many other peices of writing, ----- you can even learn
the elder tungue of arborell which comes  into play in the gamebooks.
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No, I haven't. In fact, until you posted your previous message listin the various game books etc I didn't know this game existed. It is on my list of things to look at though.

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