While it's not final fantasy, there have been some very nice things done with both gamebooks and brouser rpgs, ----- particularly Sryth.

These are interactive stories with occasional text based combat, where you fulfill quests. You could read the text using your default screen reader and wouldn've have to resort to sapi, ---- neither actually would you if you played interactive fiction, but that's probably another message entirely.

I can strongly! recommend Sryth, the only single player text rpg of it's type which is heavily world and stat based and if you like the game, i'd appreciate you writing dark empathy as the person who directed you to it, lol!

Then, there are several sites that host some exelent gamebooks.

Some, for example age of fable http://www.apolitical.info/webgame/index.php?mode=0

and http://www.ffproject.com/

There are also some exelent gamebooks prsented as Html which require you to roll your own dice (easy with the gma dice program).

In particular I can highly recommend the chronicles of arborell at http://www.arborell.com/

Which have some of the most fantastic writing and world building I've ever! seen, and project aoy at http://www.projectaon.org/new.htm Which hosts a huge series of gamebooks created in the 1980's, all set in the same world and starring the same character who's stats, skills and items carry over through the 12 or so adventures.

For more information, just look in the gamebooks catagory on audiogames.net


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