That sounds a lot like what path to pelantas does, only with more manual influence and not so much just reading through the battles. The problem with any kind of realistic combat is inevitably it'll get old and you'll have seen all the descriptions. This is one major reason why I prefer games that have bosses, newer enemies as you progress, maybe a rival to show you up at every turn. It keeps things interesting because each boss, each enemy has its own set of attacks and especially in the bosses case you have to strategize and plan ahead, trying to predict what attack it might or might not use and keep either yourself, or all your party members alive. I've never done anything with pen and paper roleplaying, but from some online transcripts I've seen it does look pretty neat under the right conditions, so I could probably take an interest in that as well.

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Actually, this is exactly the sort of thing a computer would be good at.
You could have a list of maneuvers to choose from against your opponent, who
would also choose based on the tactical situation, with some randomness to
keep things from degenerating into complete predictability.  Each
maneuver/countermaneuver could impose restrictions on the next set of
choices.  Character attributes/skills could influence the success of the

With a computer to keep track of all the complex stuff, it should be
possible to present the player with a set of choices and descriptive text
describing the effect of the last set of choices.

Chris Bartlett

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