Yeah, I agree that the way combat is presented in Sryth and other rpg style games like it is pretty dull. This is one aspect of roll playing games that is much better in a human moderated paper and pen game. The combat was just so much different with a human gm to decide things. For example, back in the early 1990's, when I was in Junior High, some friends and I were playing the X-Men roll playing game that was out then. We had a pretty decent gm who would direct the battles against the enemies. We certainly were not limited to rolling to see who got the highest roll like you see with Sryth. Instead there was a certain tactical or strategy element involved in it. Let us say I was playing Wolverine. I might tell the gm I want to slash Magneto with my claws. He would then tell me I am out of range, and if i wanted to attack i'd have to try and get closer. I might tell the gm I am running towards Magneto. Then, the gm playing Magneto might throw a metal pipe or something at me. I'd have to perform a skill check to see if I can dodge it. Since I need to dodge that flying pipe I would have several choices from ducking it, jumping over it, steping aside, or use my claws to knock it out of the air. Either way I was in full control of whow I would attempt to block Magneto's attack, and it felt like I was in control of the combat. As though I really was there deciding upon a course of action. The way Sryth handles combat is functional but quite boring in comparison. It is as though you and the enemy are standing there toe to toe slugging it out. As Shadow Dragon aptly put it, "it is like you are swinging your sword hoping to God you hit something rather than an accomplished fighter or warrior." Anyway, I am certainly willing to work with everyone on the combat system if I get something written. The combat system should be entertaining, enjoyable, rather than a dull task to advance in the game.

dark wrote:
I actually really agree with you on this point.

An interesting combat system which required actual tactics would be great, and the you hit it, it hit's you style does get dull very quickly.

Being an atmosphere freak, I always want propper atmospheric descriptions of what happens in combat to give me the idea of really being in a fight, rather than just rolling numbers.

In traditional D&d the numbers were only there for a guide, and it was up to the gm to describe what actually happened in combat.

The problem is i'm not sure how easy it would be to create that sort of system with enough tactical decisions to make in a smaller game, ----- though it's quite possible entombed is going to manage it nicely from the way that combat system is developing.

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